As Giovanni needs to fully express his art, his eclectic influences, and his love for food and ladies, he gave birth to The Gio.

With spicy lyrics for the finest ears, The Gio is supposed to bring balance to the force* according to an ancient jedi prophecy.

* "This is the only way to push people to consider disabled people as normal people."

Made in Paris by THE GIO


Future tracks

The Gio is currently cooking a lot of delicious and tasty tracks of different Flava. Schoko Lettre will be released very soon to bring back somme lovely Barry White vibes in this empty world that misses his very deep voice. Kinder and its parent company Ferrero are invited to talk ASAP to create the real Schoko Lettre with The Gio and make millions.



60 days and Le Hammam are two songs that I consider incomplete. My daw skills were definitely too low even though I'm proud of the lyrics I wrote. Kitty Christmas instead was made in a week and recorded with a TLM 107. I'm pretty satisfied with the finished product even if I sill consider I need to unlock something in my brain to make radio broadcastsast(able) music.

Made with free samples, Schoko Lettre is a song that was really easy to make and that is a pure pleasure for the ears. Sampling makes the process of making pro music incredibly enjoyable.

On this words, I warn you that I still might do average quality music after Schoko Lettre as I do my best to avoid sampling.